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The Future of Human Exploration

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25 Coolest Gadgets For Your Room

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What's inside the Statue of Liberty

Nestled on Liberty Island in New York Harbor, the Statue of Liberty stands tall and proud as an enduring symbol of freedom and democracy. While her exterior is recognized worldwide, few have had the privilege of peering inside this iconic monument.

It May Be Hard To Believe, But People Actually Live In These Houses

It May Be Hard To Believe, But People Actually Live In These Houses, The first example is Yakutsk, Russia, the world’s coldest city, where residents adapt to temperatures below -40° and find excitement in their extraordinary existence.

Warning! Android phone remote control Hackers can hack your phone

The video demonstrates how an O.MG cable, which looks like a standard USB cable, can be used to take control of an Android phone by installing malicious software onto it. The attacker can then access sensitive data on the phone, including SMS messages, call logs, and more.