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15 Emerging Technologies That Will Blow Your Mind

One technology is the use of Augmented Reality (AR) in real estate, allowing for more immersive property visits and saving time and money. The European Space Agency's Clear Space One mission and Sat Elliot's Groundbreaker satellite are also highlighted, focusing on removing space debris and expanding IoT adoption through 5G connectivity in space. Microsoft's Project Silica is another emerging technology, which aims to revolutionize data storage using quartz glass. Other technologies include the Galaxy Ring, a smart health tracking ring, Microsoft HoloLens 2, Boston Dynamics' electric Atlas robot, a 3D house printer, and a full-body robotic exoskeleton. Additionally, the DJI AV 2 drone, Nanoscribe's microscopic model creation, Biolab's Air Ring wearable air purifier, and Seaman Health and Ears' vision for future healthcare are featured. The Flowspace Pod by Microsoft is introduced as a private workspace solution for hybrid workplaces, offering a modern and innovative design.

  • 00:00:00 In this section, the YouTube video discusses several emerging technologies that are set to revolutionize various industries. One such technology is Augmented Reality (AR) in real estate, which allows prospective buyers to virtually visit properties in 3D, providing a more immersive experience than traditional 2D photos or videos. AR also saves time and money by reducing the need for physical property visits. Another technology highlighted is the Clear Space One mission by the European Space Agency (ESA) and Swiss startup Clear Space SA, which aims to remove space debris from orbit, making space safer for future generations. The Groundbreaker satellite by Sat Elliot is another emerging technology, which is the first satellite in low earth orbit to use 5G connectivity, paving the way for a constellation of satellites acting as space-based cell towers and expanding IoT adoption. Lastly, Microsoft's Project Silica is a research project developing a new way to store data using quartz glass, which has the potential to revolutionize data storage with its durability and resistance to environmental hazards.

  • 00:05:00 In this section, the YouTube video discusses several emerging technologies that are expected to make a significant impact. The first technology is the Galaxy Ring, a smart ring designed for health tracking, with features including heart rate monitoring, sleep insights, and FDA certification for sleep apnea detection. The price is predicted to be $300 or higher. Next, the Microsoft HoloLens 2 is introduced as a mixed reality device that projects holograms into the real world, making it self-contained and wire-free. It is designed for enterprise use and has applications in various industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, and education. Boston Dynamics' latest Atlas robot is also highlighted, which is now completely electric and designed for real-world applications. The electric Atlas boasts increased strength, dexterity, and agility, making it a significant step towards bringing humanoid robots into practical use. A 3D house printer is presented as a revolutionary technology that constructs residential buildings layer by layer using 3D printing, making the process more cost and time efficient than traditional construction methods. Lastly, the Saros Guardian XO, a full-body robotic exoskeleton, is discussed, which combines human intelligence and judgment with the power, endurance, and precision of machines, reducing on-the-job injuries and fostering workforce diversity. The DJI Avid 2, an adrenaline-pumping fpv drone, is also introduced, featuring improved imaging, safety, and battery life.

  • 00:10:00 In this section of the YouTube video titled "15 Emerging Technologies That Will Blow Your Mind," the discussion revolves around innovative technologies set to make a significant impact. The first technology showcased is the DJI AV 2 drone, designed for hassle-free POV content creation with its super wide 4K capabilities. The DJI goggles 3 and RC motion 3 are paired with the drone, offering real view picture in picture and enabling effortless performance of difficult aerial acrobatics. Nanoscribe, the second technology featured, uses two-photon polymerization to create intricate microscopic models, thousands of times smaller than a grain of sand. This technique allows for the production of features far smaller than the width of a human hair, as seen in Samsung's micro Miracles video. The third technology discussed is the Air Ring, a wearable air purifier designed by Biolab, intended to replace obstructive masks with clear and safe ones. It generates a sterile, refreshing atmosphere on the go using advanced technologies such as N95 HEPA and carbon filters, UVC LED, and photocatalytic TE02 air sterilization. Seaman Health and Ears' vision for the future of healthcare is the fourth technology highlighted. They aim to address healthcare challenges by expanding precision medicine, transforming care delivery, improving patient experience, and digitalizing healthcare. The MCAB, a proposed architectural project, is the fifth technology featured. This 400m tall cube-shaped skyscraper in Riyad, Saudi Arabia, will be the centerpiece of a new downtown called New Moraba. The building's design is inspired by the modern Nauti architectural style and will offer retail, cultural, tourist attractions, residential and hotel units, commercial spaces, and recreational facilities. The top of the MCAB will feature a viewing platform offering stunning views of Riyad.

  • 00:15:00 In this section of the "15 Emerging Technologies That Will Blow Your Mind" YouTube video, the Flowspace Pod by Microsoft is introduced as a private workspace solution for hybrid workplaces. The Pod is described as a modern take on the cubicle, featuring a large display, a shallow disc, and a stool. The walls are made of soft felt to absorb sound and create a sense of privacy, while the open sides allow for some connection to the surrounding environment. The innovative design of the Flowspace Pod has been well-received, winning a Red Dot Award in 2021.


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