What's inside the Statue of Liberty

Nestled on Liberty Island in New York Harbor, the Statue of Liberty stands tall and proud as an enduring symbol of freedom and democracy. While her exterior is recognized worldwide, few have had the privilege of peering inside this iconic monument.

8 Skin Habits That Make You Look Older

"8 Skin Habits That Make You Look Older" Discusses bad skin habits that people often have, such as overusing facial scrubs that can harm the skin, not using moisturizer to prevent wrinkles, and using the wrong type of towel to dry the face. Additionally, the video suggests sleeping with hair down can cause facial skin damage due to dirt and natural oils from hair products.


"TOP 15 STUNNING and BEAUTIFUL Trees" The presenter showcases various tree types, starting with the golden ginkgo tree in China, known for its golden leaves that create a sea of gold around its trunk during fall.