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Warning! Android phone remote control Hackers can hack your phone

The creator warns against downloading or running untrusted software on devices and advises users to be cautious of cables that may appear to be standard. The video also shows step-by-step instructions on how to create a payload to remotely control an Android phone with the O.MG cable.

The video creator demonstrates how an Android phone can be remotely controlled by installing malicious software using a cable known as the O.MG cable. The cable, which looks like a standard USB or iPhone cable, can send keystrokes to the connected device and install the malicious software. This allows the attacker to read and send SMS messages, view call logs, and access other sensitive data on the phone. The creator warns users not to download or run untrusted software on their devices to prevent such attacks. They also point out the importance of being aware that a cable that looks like a standard cable may not be what it appears to be.

A demonstration of how a pre-configured payload can be loaded on an O.MG cable is shown to infiltrate an Android phone. The payload is created to download a malicious APK file from the Metasploit Ubuntu APK server, which is downloaded onto the phone and is authorized to access everything on the phone. Once the payload is running, various commands can be typed into the system to read SMSs, call logs, and even send SMSs. The video serves as a warning that default behavior should be set to block all these types of applications and reminds users to refrain from downloading software from the internet they do not trust.

The speaker provides step-by-step instructions on how to set up a O.MG cable and a malicious payload on an Android phone that can be remotely controlled by hackers. The instructions include setting up a server, downloading the Metasploit framework, and creating a malicious payload. The speaker also encourages viewers to subscribe to their YouTube channel for more content.

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