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How to Invest in Real Estate USA

โ€“ The Bigger Pockets podcast is about How to Invest in Real Estate USA.
โ€“ The episode is about building momentum in real estate investing, specifically for those who are just getting started or have only done a few deals.
โ€“ Itโ€™s important to get going and build momentum, even if you donโ€™t hit a home run on your first few deals.
โ€“ The episode is a recording of a class on building momentum in real estate investing, and slides are available on the Bigger Pockets YouTube channel.
โ€“ David Green is a guest on the podcast and emphasizes the importance of momentum in any endeavor.
โ€“ The beginning is the hardest part, but if you stick with it, it gets easier.
โ€“ The hosts use basketball and surfing analogies to illustrate the importance of getting past the initial struggle and achieving momentum.
โ€“ The episode ends with a discussion about the hostsโ€™ personal experiences with surfing and the importance of persistence in achieving success.

The Bigger Pockets Podcast Show 539 discusses How to Invest in Real Estate USA by building momentum with your first few deals. The hosts emphasize that itโ€™s more important to get started than to wait for the perfect deal, and that momentum is key to achieving success in real estate. They discuss a class that was taught on Bigger Pockets about building momentum and encourage listeners to buy their first few properties as a way to achieve financial freedom. The hosts use analogies of basketball and surfing to explain the importance of getting past the initial hurdles and finding the fun in the process. The class recording can be found on the Bigger Pockets YouTube channel, along with the slides used in the class.

Bullet Summary:
โ€“ Getting started in real estate investing is about building momentum.
โ€“ The first few deals are more important for momentum than finding the perfect deal.
โ€“ Buying your first few properties is key to achieving financial freedom.
โ€“ Finding the fun in the process is important for long-term success.
โ€“ Class recording on building momentum is available on Bigger Pockets YouTube channel.


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