We are the manufacturers of slot cars, chassis, car body parts, along with other accessories. They are made on the scale of 1:24. Apart from this we also offer slot car and building services. We have a range of customized decal drawings available in all scales. We have a huge range of zero paints which can be shipped worldwide. Apart from this we also provide pre-assembled chassis along with body holders for cars like Porsche GT3, BMW Z4, Viper, Mercedes SLS, Audi R8. Contact us today and get accessories for your car to look different in the race competition. Slotfabrik, Afolabi Osu Humboldtstraße 4/1 71032 Böblingen Baden-Württemberg Tel.: +49 7031230053 eMail: service@slotfabrik.com Web: http://www.slotfabrik.com


Baden-Württemberg, Germany

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