Construction ERP Software Solution, ERP for Construction Industry

Construction management software is poised to disrupt the construction industry due to its automation of project management, increased accuracy and timeliness, and predictive analytics.

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Prepare your business to achieve a competitive advantage with a cloud-based ERP solution built with intelligent technologies. 
Regardless of the industry & business size, real-time ERP solutions from ACGIL will help your business work more efficiently than ever. Start using the right ERP today!

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With ACGIL ERP, manufacturing industries can manage the entire manufacturing and supply chain efficiently. One can accelerate the time-to-market by perfectly aligning R&D, design and manufacturing with customers’ needs.
Our customized cloud based ERP software solution from ACGIL is suitable for all sized Manufacturing Industries.
Then what are you waiting for, start with a free demo now!
Call us – 9818993537

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#ACGIL_HRMS integrates the systems and processes between human resources and information technology in a perfect blend. The functional area #HRM includes the #recruitment, #training, #evaluation, #performance, #placement, #compensation, #retirement and development of the employees across the company. The payroll system is another important aspect where it automates the attendance system of all employees. It streamlines the processing of the payroll and attendance.
Using ACGIL HRMS, you can have a good overview of overall happening in your organization.

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ERP system implementation will not only helps in reducing the operation costs, but it also lowers inventory control cost.
To know how an ERP software can drive your business operations, drop a mail at

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The construction industry is a large market that is changing with the times. With the introduction of construction management software, it has become possible to manage and track all construction projects from start to finish.  The introduction of construction management software has led to a more efficient and cost-effective way of managing projects. Additionally, it …

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