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SEO represents search engine optimization, along with is the term for all of the strategie...

SEO represents search engine optimization, along with is the term for all of the strategies accustomed to support your web sites list well in search engine.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method to rank our website on top position of search engine and also it is a way of designing websites to make them search engine friendly, so that the search engines can interpret the content and index of the database, it is more chances of indexation and good ranks on the first SERP. On-page optimization includes strategies that are controlled by seo engineer , These strategies play a big role in ranking your website in search engines, while maintain the designing and other features also important in online reputation and ranking of the website in the online world. Off-page optimization is refers to the creation of website and provide overall publishing and running of the website across the internet. While you cannot control this absolutely, there are certain techniques that can help you to work off the page. The set of techniques are determine your website first ranking in Google SERP . http://mydigitalleads.com