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Health Requirements for Ramadan Umrah

The month of Ramadan which is a favorite season of Muslim Ummah due to double reward strat...

The month of Ramadan which is a favorite season of Muslim Ummah due to double reward strategy is given by Allah the Almighty. This blessed strategy attracts the Muslim brothers and sisters to recall Allah, worship Allah, and perform all good deeds which He likes more.

Posted : 14.05.2019 | 81 views

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Garden of Salman Farsi...

The Garden of Salman Farsi is located close to Masjid Quba. Salman Farsi (RA) was a slave likewise Bilal (RA) under the Jew of Banu Quraizah. Since he worked south of Madinah

Quarantine rules for pilgrims

The Kingdom has announced that vaccination against meningitis is compulsory for all local and international Haj pilgrims. Khalid Al-Mirghalani the Health Ministry Spokesman expressed Arab News

Saudi Arabia banned on...

KSA banned the pilgrims from Nigeria to perform Hajj due to the re-emergence of a deadly virus, Lassa fever. The reason behind is that the threat of virus among other pilgrims as this is spreading virus and Nigeria is the most affected country.

Latest E-Visa for Umrah

Every year several people have to postpone their arrangements to perform pilgrimage due to filling the quota of application. To keep in view the Saudi Government is really making sure to enter thirty-million pilgrims in the Kingdom for their 2030 Vision.

Marks of Battle of Uhud

There are numbers of events which took place in the land of Arabia between Islam and idolatry. After the open announcement of Prophethood from the Holy Prophet (SAW), the Quraysh of Makkah were started to mount pressure on the Muslim believers as well as the Muhammad (SAW).

Tribe of Banu Nadir in Madinah

Banu Nadir was a Jewish tribe occupying in Northern Arabia until the seventh century at the oasis of Madinah. Banu Nadir challenged Prophet Muhammad (SAW) as the leader of Madinah and planned along with allied nomads to attack Muhammad (SAW) but as a result, expelled from Madinah.

Qurbani Guidelines for...

Qurbani is an important and inevitable part of Eid ul Adha. Hajj, which is the fifth pillar of Islam as well as followed by Eid ul Adha requires the holy pilgrims to perform Qurbani at  Makkah

Al-Masmak Fortress in ...

Masmak Fortress is one of the most popular and favorite place in Saudi Arabia. Located in the capital city of Saudi Arabia, it is not only appreciated by locals and foreigners but it also draws the attention of tourists from all corner of the world.

Ramadan Umrah and Nece...

The one and only or prime thing that you must be considered before going to the prodigious journey of Ramadan Umrah is to make sure that the pilgrim is physically fit and healthy strong to travel.

Pilgrims are not allow...

Though head-shaving is one of the compulsory rituals of both Hajj and Umrah, yet it is performed in a certain time. The pilgrims are not allowed to trim their hair until they reach a definite period.

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