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The thor shield is always by your side. Our shields can be carried with you and used as a shield in times of need, or rigged as an obstacle for protection. we're here to help. contact us (305) 534 0777

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Smith & Wesson Handcuffs are constructed of nickel plated carbon steel. Carbon steel provides strength and nickel plating creates a corrosion resistant surface. We proud to offer this nickel plated carbon steel cuff. we're here to help. contact us (305) 534 0777

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Get the best top tactical gear for law enforcement and rescue personnel. We carry a wide range of protective vests, and more to fit your needs. Find the best gear for your job providing a full range of products and exceptional service. contact us (305) 534 0777

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Kaye has multiple solutions for autoclave validation. Steam sterilization has been used for more than a century in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

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Kaye IRTD-400 (M2801) - Highly accurate traceable temperature reference standard for calibrating sensors from -196 to 420°C with an accuracy of +/- 0.025, the IRTD temperature standard probe provides a 4 to 1 ratio for calibrating sensors to 0.100°C. Easy to read data with the Kaye IRTDWin™ software.

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Kaye Dry block calibrator, liquid bath calibrator, and IRTD Temp Standards offer unparalleled accuracy over a wide temperature range and reliability to meet your validation and calibration needs.

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Kaye LabWatch IoT - Cloud Environmental Monitoring is a complete cloud-based solution for critical stability, environmental, and facility monitoring system that detect alarms and alerts personnel.

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The Kaye RF ValProbe II wireless data logger integrates RF mesh technology to get wireless, high-accuracy measurements of temperature & humidity in a warehouse or facility.

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The Kaye LTR-150 is the most advanced multi-purpose temperature calibrator specifically designed to address the capacity and flexibility needs for thermal validation.

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The Kaye Log - Cold Chain Monitoring NFC Data Logger enables full temperature traceability during the transport of temperature, or temperature/humidity sensitive products. With one movement, from anywhere of the world, it is possible to instantly read, send store data and receive alert by e-mail.

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Kaye has multiple solutions for warehouse mapping. It is defined by regulatory guidelines as a seasonal requirement to make sure that storage conditions are maintained at defined specifications.

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