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Healthy donor samples are healthy human specimens collected from blood donations by individuals who are self-reported healthy. The healthy specimens are collected for biomedical research and development purpose to pioneer the clinical research. Central BioHub offers 25,000+ biospecimens in different matrices like serum and plasma are derived from blood samples of people with different, ethnicities, ages, and genders. The samples are ideal for bioassay, cohort and populaton based studies. Hurry up, order biospecimens online.

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Central BioHub is a leading online human biospecimen marketplace with an international customer base . We are dedicated to providing high-quality and well-preserved human biospecimens from all over the world for qualitative research for innovative medical discoveries. Pioneering endocrine disease research, Central BioHub offer wide range of serum and plasma samples collected from patients diagnosed with different types of endocrine disorders like Addison’s disease , hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. Hurry up, check out inventory today to place orders.

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Influenza, a respiratory infection caused by Influenza viruses A and B, is a highly contagious viral infection. Influenza is often endemic, causing seasonal outbreaks affecting millions globally during winter. Transmission typically occurs through contact with virus-containing respiratory droplets produced during coughing and sneezing. Also, close contact with infected individuals and contaminated surfaces poses the risk of contracting illness. To fuel research on newer diagnostics and annual influenza vaccination, Central BioHub offers thousands of samples gathered from influenza patients. Check out inventory to place orders, quotations, and reservations.

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Hyperlipidemia, also referred to as dyslipidemia, is a long-term medical condition characterised by a build-up of lipids or fats in the blood leading to the blockage of arteries. It is an adult-onset disease caused by diabetes, a sedentary lifestyle, or obesity. Accelerating cardiac disease research worldwide, Central BioHub offers a wide range of well-preserved, richly-annotated, ready-in-stock-to-order biospecimens tested for lipid profile ideal for in-vitro studies. Hurry up, order online.

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